4 Amusement 2 Amazement

by George Brannen

My mother always uses a variation of the title phrase to describe her piano playing abilities. She is the champion of self deprecation when she says she plays the piano for her amusement much to her amazement.  She has amused herself about 80 years now on the piano.  I've waited far too long to reach that goal. I doubt I see 87 much less still be writing at that age.

I grew up a reader, not a writer. Through the miracle of phonics workbooks, Mother had me reading at 5th grade second month when we took year and achievement tests in the first grade. I read voraciously then and rarely now. I read a few of the "great" books but much preferred books about sports stars. As a result, I knew much more about Mantle and May's than I did or do about Dickens or Keats. 

I was probably the only boy child in middle Georgia to read Redbook Magazine as an 8 year old after I'd zipped through my library books. I would read anything in the house. Much later, I read all the Grizzard, Grisham, Turow, and Hiassen I could get my hands on but then I just quit, couldn't sit still long enough anymore.

Writing was limited to book reports on books i had read in an hour but waited until the last minute on Sunday night to write the report. My senior year of high school, I didn't write a term paper. Two weeks before graduation my English teacher, my principal, and my Mother "invited" me to a meeting at school. I was told rather succinctly, no term paper, no graduation. In a blatant miscarriage of justice, I didn't even get a rebuttal. I wrote the paper. In fact, I got an A on it which the teacher, in front of me, marked down to a C. A for content, C for tardy. 

She said you have a talent, this is something you can do. I took her word for it and then waited 40 plus years to find out. So, here we are. That's the background now to see if she was right. 

I promise the rest won't be this dry. Maybe I'm Amazed

By, George


  1. Excellent start, George. Will be back for more when you hit the keys.

  2. By, George, you've done it. So proud of you!

  3. They say the journey of a lifetime begins with that first step...

  4. I'm thinking (and that is dangerous) that while your were too busy to read and too afraid to write, you've probably done a lot of living and gathered quite a bit of subject matter for this blog. Looking forward to reading more.


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