Grate Expectations

What you can expect from George Brannen

Before you jump on grate vs great, keep in mind that a grate allows objects to pass through and this writing might be best pushed down the drain.

So what to expect ? Disappointment? The writing has been called pithy and the word deck has been bandied about. However, I can relate a story or an incident, stretch the boundaries of imagination and good taste often while being mildly amusing

There will be no politics. I'm neither smart enough to argue nor inclined to do the reading it takes to be lucid when debating. I'll leave that to the more erudite and the flat earthers. Oh, I love a good argument but not about things I have neither control nor influence over. I prefer the esoteric. For instance, I've come around to the idea of the designated hitter rather than watch some multi millionaire athlete fail to get down a sacrifice bunt.

I'm also a firm proponent of the designated driver. I mean, how could anyone other than Uber or Lyft.

So, try not to get your hope up and if I tell a story that sounds just like something you did? Purely coincidental, I'm sure. 


  1. Brevity is nice, concise, good grammar, no spelling mistakes and you left me wanting more. I think you have a good start at blogging.


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