an incurable muscle disease

I am a majority stock holder in IBM. Alas we are not talking about "Big Blue" but rather a degenerative incurable muscle disease with neither a treatment, a cure, nor a telethon.

Essentially one's muscle cells are attacked  and ravaged by other cells.  You can't feel it when it is happening which I suppose is a blessing but one day a muscle is present and the other it is not.

It begins, for reasons I don't know in your upper thighs which apparently are a part of everything you do. The first doctor's I saw diagnosed it as ALS. That was like Ali in his prime hitting you in the gut. Luckily, they reversed their decision and came up with IBM. I just as quickly reversed mine and made appointments at The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville and the Medical College of Georgia, figuring that would be one more school I could put on my resume. 
After visits to both places, Mayo is gorgeous, it looks like a country club and the service is unparalleled, we decided on Medical College of Georgia in Augusta. Both hospitals had the same diagnosis and treatment plan (you're screwed) but MCCG has a doctor with bi-weekly hours in Macon, so less traveling.

Now, the doctor available in Macon has to be a skilled diagnostician because his bedside manner is that of, well, it is not real good. Six visits and I've yet to make him laugh, proving he is bionic or his facial muscles are frozen.

To back track, we first went to the original doctors because my massage therapist, God I miss city insurance,  noticed atrophy in my thighs plus I was falling, a lot, more than Otis Campbell. 

I used to keep up with the falls, now I just sort of have a greatest hits reel. Two headers out the back steps, the second one as I was trying to figure the first, good move Clouseau. There was the fall in Publix parking lot on Christmas Eve, that one drew a crowd. The seven step ass over tin cup fall at Macon state (or whatever the name) where I almost landed in Mandy Stella's lap and by God stuck the landing. I fell OUT of my chair at work, no, I wasn't asleep (that time), I was trying to reach a pen.

Eventually, I was fitted with a knee brace when we determined that most falls started with my right knee collapsing. I use a cane which helps also.

I am particularly careful where I sit because just getting up a dining table chair can be a three person event. 

Last night however was a winner. Living with a giant field across the street and a wooded area behind us, we have a Mouse problem. Last night being cool had them on the move. I've tried everything but poison and I have two dogs, so not an option. Glue sheets are effective but just too cruel. So I use the old standby which snaps their neck immediately. Ok, still cruel but I don't see their living eyes. 

Last night or beginning in the afternoon, I had disposed of 3 miscreants while one wily veteran was eating the bait. I am baiting the old school trap having smashed my fingers twice and I'm bending over trying to place the last trap when I feel it coming. The telltale sign of the few muscles sounding retreat, I desperately look around, nothing to grab. So.......down I go, taking pictures off the wall, landing on my knees and falling back hitting my head against the door facing.  One hour later with Karen's help, I manage to get myself onto a chair and from there, will myself up. Oh yeah, I snapped the trap.

Again, no treatment, no cure, canes lead to walkers which lead to wheelchairs and worse. It could go into remission or a rampage, no way of telling. This, combined with other events, lead to early retirement. But, now I have time to write if I can summon the ability. 




  1. I never heard of IBM, your blog was an education. Houston County 911 would come get me up frequently - less wear and tear on me and my family members.

  2. Peter Frampton just announced that he has IBM as well and his current tour is his last. Dang


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