Am I back?

Sometimes, we just can't write

Hey good? Things have been weird. Anyway I hope this will get me started
So today was a memorable day, it wasn't necessarily the fall because they come far too often, but working my way out of it was almost an epiphany. I quit too easy and I have for far too long. The first time is hard but then it gets easier and easier. I have no delusions, I'm no hero. I fell and crawled 30' to get back up. It took me the of the day to get over it. It's not like i got stuck rock climbing and then not not only broke my arm but then sawed my hand off to free myself.
I really am careful but you don't know your legs are going out until they do and then it's far too late.  I hope this jarred whatever was stuck loose and I can start writing again and not all this whiney crap. Wheel sea.