Remember your first love.. your first 'crush'. Me too...

Were you prone to crushes when younger or are you like me and have some of longstanding as well as some that last an hour in Publix.
My first crush was on our babysitter, a beautiful blonde young lady whom I still see around town and she is somehow younger than ever. The first crush to make me cry was my first grade teacher. The night before the last day of school, my mother mentioned second grade with new classmates and a new teacher. A new teacher?? WTF? Mrs. Berryhill wasn't coming with us? My heart was shattered. Things rocked alone until middle school when suddenly there were things in places that had never been there before! Girls! That lasted until, wait, what time is it now? 
Thank you sweet baby Jesus for letting my formative years be the mini skirt years which rolled right into " bras? We dawn need no stinking bras"! It was a glorious time to be alive. 
Then came college and the most exquisite collection of young women in the span of time at Georgia Southern. I still have crushes from that 7 year stint and you know who you are! I didn't and don't stalk though I may take an extra trip down the aisle or three while shopping at Publix. 
The crush is innocent. It has no point. They come and they go and at a certain age, they can make you feel alive again.
So, here is to the golden haired, titian red haired, mousey brown haired, hair like coal girls of my misspent youth and frittered adult life. Thank you for being a part of the movie in my head that is on constant loop. Some were and are fleeting and some go back to when we wrote on Slate's and went to "the talkies" on Saturday. I loved you then and I love you now.